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That’s, however, just because the Adamas has a much bigger blade. The thick D2 stock is strong enough ( and takes a heck of and edge and polish) at the cutting edge from the steel behind it that I haven’t gotten any non fixable chips yet. If you like our blog and would like to get emailed whenever we publish a new post, fill in the form below and hit "Subscribe"! The name used on the Permissible Public Website must match the name you use when doing business with Benchmade. share. You and your sales personnel must conduct your business in a reasonable, professional, and ethical manner at all times, and must (i) not engage in any deceptive, misleading, or unethical practices or advertising at any time; (ii) not make any warranties or representations concerning Benchmade Products except as expressly authorized by Benchmade; (iii) comply with any and all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and policies related to the advertising, sale, and marketing of Benchmade Products; and (iv) represent the Products in a professional manner and refrain from any conduct that is or could be harmful to Benchmade’s business reputation. I really enjoy your reviews, and thanks for all you do. You must be available to respond to customer questions and concerns both before and after sale of the Products and should endeavor to respond to customer inquiries promptly. This knife is completely unapologetically chunky, which is why with an overall length of 22.1 cm (8.70 inches) it still weighs in at a gargantuan 7.7 ounces, thanks to its stainless steel liners and general overbuilt construction. The Adamas auto is getting the most carry time on missions. Permissible Public Websites must conspicuously state your business’s full legal name or registered fictitious name, mailing address, email address, and telephone contact. Recognize this knife for what it truly is and excels at being: an absolutely unique, badass collectors blade that, because of its uniqueness, would fill a gap in pretty much every knife collection. You’re probably not going to see a knife as unique as this one on the market any time soon. From the grooved blade to the way the scales are cut and shaped, it embodies a visual ideal and a sense of “togetherness” that I wish more manufacturers would emulate. As an even better analogy, a buff athlete who has done his best to bulk up does not often know better than a dietitian which foods to eat and which diet should be followed for optimal results and peak muscle gain. So it goes beyond what “should” be ideal and what is actually used and liked in the field. Into bushcraft, hiking, and gear. Either way, really great deployment on my Adamas now that it’s been lubricated. Permissible Public Websites must have a mechanism for receiving customer feedback, and you must use reasonable efforts to address all customer feedback and inquiries received in a timely manner. Whether you take my opinion or not is ultimately your prerogative, with that said my words are offered freely (no refunds, sorry!) Products must be stored in a low humidity environment and in sanitary conditions, and where the Products’ packaging is not susceptible to punctures, tears, dents, or other physical damage. The only thing that I have an issue with is the pocket clip, and that’s an easy fix, as I can always add a custom 3D machined clip to my Benchmade Adamas in the future. Easy fix! 300 BeaverCreek Road Oregon City, OR 97045. A soldier who happened to be a knife aficionado as well, however, I’d argue would likely have a uniquely strong perspective on good soldiering knives – but that’s another story. Surprisingly enough, the Adamas does have a choil of sorts. Benchmade - Adamas Black Plain Fixed by Shane Sibert - 375BK - knife Benchmade - Adamas Black Plain Fixed by Shane Sibert - 375BK - knife Benchmade - Adamas Black Plain Fixed by Shane Sibert - … You are most welcome to start your own blog where you can voice your own opinions! Out of all the knives I own, this is one of the very few that will always have a place in my collection because it has no true competition or alternative in the market, especially at its price range. The most obvious visual element of the Benchmade Adamas is its heft, and yes, it does feel as hefty as it looks. I EDC my Adams almost every day. Have fun “playing” with your knives. There are various types coupon for buying benchmade on DHgate Christmas Promotions with good quality. Completely agree with you about its toughness- I reckon you could take apart a tank with one! But don’t get me wrong: that’s not unexpected, nor should it be held against the Adamas. I love the Adamas too, its just so beastly that I am in (almost) awe whenever I wield it. You shall not sell or transfer Products to any person or entity you know or have reason to know intends to resell the Products. Its too damn nice to relegate to a truck knife. Therefor your opinions on what make a good knife by simply holding it in you hand and playing around with it mean nothing. If you like our blog and would like to get emailed whenever we publish a new post, fill in the form below and hit "Subscribe"! Okay, I may not be using it for survival purposes, but would I return it or sell it? And on top of that, in most armed services if you take something expensive like the Adamas, you probably won’t have it very long as it’s bound to get snatched when noone’s looking…. Apply to any positions you believe you are a fit for and contact us today! Auto-Axis lock mechanism, and a reversible tip-up carry pocket clip. Completely wrong about this not being a soldier’s knife. You shall not sell the Products at trade shows, gun shows, or other venues not authorized by this Agreement without the prior written consent of Benchmade. €25.82. Selling, shipping, invoicing, or promoting Benchmade Products outside the United States or to anyone you know or have reason to know intends to ship the Products outside of the United States is not permitted. The 275 Folder features AXIS locking mechanism with ambidextrous thumb-stud opener, tactical drop-point blade style and G10 … This automatic knife features a black finished D2 tool steel blade with a plain edge and desert tan machined G10 handle with lanyard hole and full stainless steel liners. Thanks to the tapered scales, pinching was possible, but once again, less than ideal. If you really like the axis system I strong recommend the Benchmade Griptilian as a folding EDC blade, I think it would work fine for soldiers, its lightweight and in terms of cutting performance will far outdo the Adamas. However, arrogance has everything to do with it. Choking up on the blade of the Adamas is pretty much the same story as the saber grip. New to Benchmade? Diversity is the spice of life, which is why it truly brings me joy to have a folder like this one in my collection. Can you advise me? Benchmade Knives: 2750BK Adamas AUTO - Black Blade The Adamas Series of knives was designed by custom knife maker Shane Sibert to honor the courage and commitment exhibited by our fighting heroes. Thanks for dropping by, I always appreciate feedback and I feel the same way about hearing (or reading, in this case!) The D2 blade is  9.7 cm (3.82 inches) with a thickness of 4.06 mm (.160 inches). You must report to Benchmade any customer complaint or adverse claim regarding the products of which you become aware. Again your arrogance has caused you to run escue. Definitely the most utilitarian folder of my EDC class knives. are all a major part of the behemoth that is a modern army) and out of the few that do have experience in combat its primarily in a squad, against poorly armed insurgents who have no real chance to survive the encounter and with significantly more firepower than a lowly blade (hence the pervasive rise of I.E.D’s & guerilla tactics in urban zones). Who gives a crap. I would never chose it over a Mora or a Hultafors if I chose what I was stuck in the wilderness with. If you want a knife for your collection that’s difficult to replace because it’s incomparable to others, especially those offered within its price range, you’ve struck gold. Now back to a bit more objectivity. More Than Just Surviving is a survival blog that concentrates on wilderness survival, preparedness, and gear. Sorry about the late response- many comments, very little time unfortunately. The Adamas 375 fixed blade combat knife was designed by Shane Sibert. Now the Griptilian and the Adamas are almost identical in deployment. Living in an echo chamber means you never get to evolve and change your mind so I always appreciate people sharing their opinions (even if they disagree with me)! The 60-62HRC blade hardness enhances the knife's overall resilience, and it is held in place with an AXIS locking mechanism for precise, efficient cutting. Thinking back, I can’t remember many knives that have peaked my curiosity in the past couple of years quite as much as the Benchmade Adamas has. My hesitation had been due to my experience with a pretty obvious homologue, the Spyderco Military. You agree to cooperate with Benchmade in the investigation of any negative online review associated with your sale of the Products and to use reasonable efforts to resolve any such reviews. Concerning your second point which rotates around this idea that I am a lying asinine pompous neophyte of a rich daddy’s punk who happens to be young (your words not mine! Your points were spot on but as you know, like a Harley, sometimes you just have to love it even if it’s not the most efficient way to get from A to B. Aye, I feel the same way about my Buck 110- love that knife but objectively its pretty mediocre as an EDC option, doesn’t stop me from carrying it though! Very secure hold with deep guard and heavy jimping on the bottom of the knife for your thumb to rest on. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You shall use your best efforts to ensure that at least one of your employees at all times has completed the Benchmade Academy online training. I’ve argued with the best of them and no one, not even a soldier is above the debate. The point my asinine pompous neophyte of a rich daddy’s punk, was that a SOLDIER told you he disagreed with your opinion due to his EXPERIENCE, and you couldn’t take that and had to try to tell him he was wrong and that you knew better. All that to say, no folder I own reminds me more of an outdoors fixed blade, and side by side the Benchmade Adamas is far more overbuilt than many of my fixed blade knives, including the Boker Rold (which also has a D2 blade) and all of Moras (which so far include the Mora Classic, the Mora 2000, Mora Bushcraft Forest, and the Mora 740 MG). First of all, I have more experience with edged tools than the vast majority (99%) of soldiers. Anonymous sales are prohibited. The ricasso acts as a choil, and would stop the blade from guillotining your fingers off in case the lock fails and you happened to be choking up on the handles when it did fail. The thickness of the blade stops the Adamas from being a particularly good slicer or piercer. This thread is archived. You must also include this information with any shipment of Products from the Permissible Public Website(s), either within the package or in an order confirmation email delivered at the time of purchase. You shall not purchase Products from anyone other than Benchmade. knives, flashlight, last news, ... 5000mAh IP68 Waterproof Power Bank and battery pack for HU60 - powerbank. Benchmade 375 Adamas Test and Demonstration - Duration: 7:30. Adequate but not ideal. Designed by Shane Sibert, it’s not an understatement to say that the Benchmade Adamas is one of the toughest production folders on the market. In marketing Products on your Permissible Public Website(s), you may only use Product images and descriptions either supplied by or authorized by Benchmade, and you must keep all Benchmade Product images and descriptions up-to-date. Under no circumstances may Product orders be fulfilled in a way that might result in a shipped Product coming from inventory other than your own. As a matter of fact, in terms of fit and finish, this knife is pretty much perfect overall with absolutely zero visible defects. You shall not sell any Product that has been returned opened or repackaged. Benchmade reserves the right to review your Permissible Public Website(s) for compliance with this Premium Dealer Agreement. ), but still I would have preferred more broken lines with nice contouring. The vast majority of soldiers pick up whatever takes their fancy at the PX regardless of quality. That’s no small part due to the fact that it’s a folder. Because they are committed to making the best knives from the best materials. October 6, 2014 by Thomas Xavier | Updated: March 26, 2020 22 Comments. If we’re being honest, as a survival blade the Benchmade Adamas is a piss poor performer. With regards to combat & knives, once again you seem to be regurgitating some kind of Hollywood fantasy- maybe a handful of soldiers (max) have hands on experience with knives in a combative situation, but it certainly isn’t a mainstream practice. Sorry again for the late reply, I don’t usually slack off this much but life got in the way! The reason I do this is because I don’t take the photographs (Elise does) and it makes her life easier in terms of editing to do them all at once! The only reason I have issues with this knife for general EDC is due to the weight (its too extreme for me). Notice below how Benchmade contoured the desert tan G-10 scales to have a nice palm swell in the middle: that’s some very nice work there. It is evident BTW that this is all you do because there is not one scuff on that blade. I don’t ever resent opinions that counter mine and as I mentioned before, I will never censor (on principle). Love the Adamas. After which I carry them for evaluation. Which btw is so subjective. It was not whether or not knives have become obsolete (aside from special forces) due to modern fighting technology, equipment and tactics, (which I agree they PROBABLY, have. Hopefully that insight into how we do things clear things up! You acknowledge and agree that Benchmade reserves the right to monitor your activities for compliance with this Authorized Dealer Agreement, and you agree to cooperate with any such compliance inquiry, including, but not limited to, permitting inspection of your facilities and records related to the sale of Benchmade Products. A thick blade, liners and G10 handle scales afford the knife much of it's strength. So being the smart man I am I decided to disassemble it to look inside. Putting aside its top marks in terms of uniqueness, the Benchmade Adamas also crushes in terms of its top notch design, construction, and finish. You are most welcome to e-mail me at: if you wish to respond in a more lengthy fashion without the constraints of the commenting system (nothing i can do about it!). Completely even and smooth with no gaps between the sandwiched material. I don’t believe you were arrogant enough to argue with a soldier about what would make a good soldier knife. Very impressive design that’s been quite well thought out. His (Deane’s) comment was concerning the legality of the assisted Adamas in the civilian world with regards to its benefits & a remark on automatic Benchmades being issued which is pretty cool but not addressed in this review so not something I felt the need to respond to directly. The legislative issues were never really an option as there are far more non-automatic options than automatic ones. //

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